World is Changing, we must know how and why, to survive on it. There is No Planet B available

The age of central banks ended

An interconnected world, a world without frontiers, a global world, can’t be under the regulation and laws of a single country. The new paradigms who appear in the global economy needs a global solution, not a local or especifoc for a single country. When you can work with someone who is at thousands of miles […]

Oceans and his climate function

The oceans play a significant role in absorbing greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, and heat from the atmosphere. This absorption can help mitigate the early effects of human-emissions of carbon dioxide. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation acts as a conveyor belt of ocean water from Florida to Greenland. Along the journey north, water near the […]

Drones researching climate change

Saildrone, a California-based company, is helping to understand the effects of climate change. Their drones have been used by, among others, NOAA to study the terrible effects of climate change on our seas. Saildrone ships use numerous sensors to know different parameters that will help us to know the terrible effects that global climate change […]